Tuning the Vine – Cape Town Inner City Wine Route

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I was in for a wine adventure exploring the inner city wine route at Tuning the Vine!
It happens every 2nd Wednesday of the month and if you have not tried it yet, here’s why you should!

What? The Wine Girl at a club and not a wine farm haha.

You should know that I literally live in the vineyards up north so I hardly ever venture into the city. So rather embarrassingly, this was my first experience of Tuning the Vine.

Here is my experience:

I got my tickets online via Quicket and made my way to one of the collection points.  La Parada. You will get a wine glass, map and arm band for R170.

Pretty glasses.

We took some time to get our bearings, and planned where we would go next. We decided to do all of it! Well, we tried🙂

Planning the route.

First stop was at La Parada and we tasted some Durbanville Hills Bubbly. The streets and bars looked really full but we got really quick service. We did not wait once – I think it was because everything was pre-paid so it was just pour and go!

Trying the new Durbanville Hills Sparkling wine.
Pour and go!

I won’t lie, we then got a bit lost and had a good laugh when we realised that the map made it seem like the venues were a lot further away than they actually were.

Next up was stop 8, Charango.

I was happy to see Glen Carlo on ice! I love their Pinot Noir and Red Blend.

Glen Carlo.

It was so relaxing and there were plenty of spaces to sit. Mind you, we did arrive at 17h30 when it all started.



There was plenty of space to sit and sip.

So we stayed for quite a bit and enjoyed some Cab Sauv too.

We got too friendly and poured our own wine lol. This is not allowed.🙂 #rebel

We got chatting to a winemaker who’s wine we have never heard of before. Baleia which means “whale”. I really encourage you to chat to the people pouring the wine – they know their stuff and you can learn quite a few things.


Next stop was the Gin Bar, number 9, and look what greeted us! haha!

Christmas time!

Creation wines was at the Gin Bar.

Refreshing Rosé.

We then trotted off to number 10, Tre Steampunk Club and I absolutely loved the decor! It was quite a bit of a walk up the hill in heels, I won’t lie so we enjoyed a place to sit for a bit.

Loving the decor and Stacy’s Leopard print outfit!

Again, there were a lot of people but hardly any queues and fast service!

Loving her Henna Tattoo!

Such awesome decor!

Cute hat lights.

Next stop was number 11, Arcade.

Love that the Tuning the Vine signage was everywhere! You cannot get lost if you tried.

This Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc was lovely and refreshing after the 5-10 minute walk.

Steenberg bubbly.

There was a bit of a queue but it disappears in an instant!

Small queues.
Bubbly heaven!

Ok so then we started getting into the thick of it! Stops 12-17! Suddenly this! The hard stuff – good old Jim Bean Whisky. This was a lovely Apple and Cinnamon cocktail! Oh my word divine!

This guy was a rockstar! Super friendly!

Stacy tried the Jim Bean popcorn Whisky and it smelt lovely! Just like popcorn!

Smelling the cheese, I mean Whisky😉

This shop had cheese and wine pairing for R50. Plus you could get some awesome cheese toasties on the go.

Cheese and wine pairing at Culture.
Bree street is the place to be yo!

I remember this baby from Bot Rivier Luddite wines (SaboTeur) which has an interesting wine top!

Bot Rivier Luddite wines – SaboTeur.

What a great vibe and city full of interesting things to see, drink and eat. Overall, I would recommend you go with a large group and stay for dinner. Maybe take Thursday off work too🙂 haha.

So which event will be next?

Via thewinegirlcapetown.co.za

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